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Guys, our free delivery special includes free call-ahead appointments, elevator doors, residential or rural delivery addresses, and we deliver nationwide, with no strings attached!

No Chinese junk here, just hot Americans that focus on all aspects of craftsmanship and quality! Endless attention to detail!

I DIG TEXAS .COM is open in 48 locations in the southern US and ships every day, 5 business days a week!

I DIG TEXAS is a national "Real Superstore" headquartered in Marble Falls, Texas. We store thousands of attachments that are on our site. We manufacture our AMAREKAN MANUFACTURING "AMFG" accessories in our family owned manufacturing facility in Texas and Oklahoma!

*** We want to earn your business! ***

Many, many... (most) "manufacturers", even the big "brands" and .COM companies source complete fittings, steel from overseas and use hydraulic cylinders, pins, bushings, etc. from China. Even worse, they lie every day on the phone, email, chat or on their internal forums... but the truth is that they are average quality from the same white label manufacturer... NOT AMFG PEOPLE! AMAREKAN MANUFACTURING and I DIG TEXAS are vertically integrated, family-owned subsidiaries across the country! We control all aspects of AMAREKAN MFG products, from steel to delivery to your workplace or farm/ranch!

I DIG TEXAS is located in Marble Falls, Texas, just 30 minutes west of Austin, the gateway to the mountain country, and we have thousands of accessories in our inventory at any given time!

I DIG TEXAS - Supermarket
4021 South America - 281
Marble Falls, TX 78654


The new IDT RIPPER is now available! Built for compact track loaders and skid steers, it can handle the power of the largest skid steers and skid steers.
With IDT RIPPER you can:
- RIP and SCARIFY hard terrain.
- Dig up roots, stones and stumps.
- Reversible teeth for tearing forward or backward.
-Maximum depth of 20 inches below ground level.

From Monday to Friday from 21:00 to 17:00 (*central)

Phone: 512-649-6040



We offer fast official invoices for qualified individuals and businesses applying for CIT financing! Email TOM at IDIGTEXAS DOT COM to inquire about financing opportunities to grow your business!

Why choose I like Texas?

-And DIG TEXAS is a REAL store that has the accessories we advertise
-We are open 24/7 on our website with prices and original pictures
- We ship daily across the country from coast to coast
- I DIG TEXAS "Full to Full" guarantee applies to everything we sell! If you're lucky after months of paperwork and arguments, you "might" get a warranty through "someone else".
- We don't just sell online or out of your yard like 99% of other skid steer accessory companies do. We are not a "drop shipper" and we do not sell junk from Chinese auctions
- We only sell commercial industrial equipment from our sister company AMAREKAN MANUFACTURING for the IDT range and many big brand accessories...did we mention "in stock"? ! ? !
- We regularly stock all our machine parts, from engines and cylinders to grinder teeth and planer knives.

Our price, quality and service are unmatched! ! !
We enjoy what we do! We want to earn your business!

Do not buy junk "on the net", in an auction house or in the shadows. We're a real shop, we stock parts and stand behind our warranty! Before looking for a "good deal", give us a call so we can demystify the many factors that might make these options seem "good enough".

A common trick (misinformation) about the origin of attachments is widespread in the skid steer industry. These tips propelled our founder into the industry just 6 years ago when he was clearing a patch of land and realized the opportunity to provide better choice, quality, availability, service and integrity.

I DIG TEXAS is the exclusive distributor of our sister company AMAREKAN MANUFACTURING (AMFG) in Oklahoma. We distribute directly to our customer base through I DIG TEXAS & AMFG. Both DIG TEXAS, TEXAS POST DRIVERS and AMAREKAN MFG are 100% owned by the MAREK family based in the beautiful Mid Texas Hill Country. Our founder TOM MAREK and the MAREK family (and team) have come an incredible way in just 6 years to become the world's largest distributor of skid steer attachments. AMAREKAN MFG is the only family-owned company that is vertically integrated from American raw steel and components to you, our valued American and international customer base. AMAREKAN MFG was founded out of necessity during the COVID "pandemic" and is the only company that eats, sleeps and breathes the concept of the importance of sourcing American products and pushes the boundaries of design to create new, exciting and exciting tools.
Although we have seen tactics used by the competition, such as labeling "Made in USA Direct", "Family Owned"... AMFG continues to develop new patented designs and pioneer new technologies.

We invite you to visit the I DIG TEXAS Supermarket located in Marble Falls, Texas (Central Texas Hill Country). Instead of talking about how cool our plugins are, we're going to show you. Call, email or text to set up a demo appointment that fits your schedule. Bring your trailer and your high expectations to take advantage of our service, quality and low prices on accessories in stock!

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Are most skid steer attachments universal? ›

Are skid steer attachments universal or interchangeable? Yes, they are. Almost every attachment comes with a universal quick attach plate which makes them interchangeable with today's skid steer lineup.

Are all skid steer attachments universal? ›

Are Skid Steer Attachments Universal and Interchangeable? Not all skid steer attachments are universal, but your skid steer will likely be able to mount most – if not all – attachments you require.

Can a tractor run skid steer attachments? ›

As far as whether skid steer attachments fit on a tractor, the general answer is yes. One of the core perks of owning these machines is the interchangeable nature of their attachments.

What skid steer attachment is best for clearing brush? ›

Rotary Cutters: Rotary cutters are ideal for clearing large areas of land quickly and efficiently. Rotary cutters have a large cutting width and can handle heavy-duty jobs. Flail Cutters: Flail cutters are another type of brush cutter that's gaining popularity to clear land.

What is the most popular size skid steer? ›

Medium-frame skid steers, with an ROC of 1,300 to 1,900 pounds and an operating weight of 5,000 to 6,000 pounds, are the most common and can be used for a wide variety of jobs.

What is the difference between a skid steer and a skid loader? ›

You can attach dozens of work tools to them, easily converting them into the machinery you need. The main difference between the three types of loaders is how they drive and steer. Skid steers and track loaders operate in a skidding fashion, while wheel loaders steer by independent or articulating action.

What skid steer can lift the most? ›

The world's largest skid steer is the Gehl V420. This high-capacity skid loader has an impressive operating weight, clocking in at 11,665 lbs. Its high-flow hydraulics system powers a vertical lift path with a capacity of up to 4,200 lb, and a powerful tilt breakout force of 9,039 lb.

What should you not do with a skid steer? ›

Never place any part of your body outside the cab where you could be crushed. >Never try to start a loader from outside the cab. > Never operate the machine if any safety device is missing or damaged. > Never climb out of a loader with the engine running. >

Can you run off road diesel in a skid steer? ›

Also, you could lose out on tax-exemptions if you do not report that you used this fuel legally. Off road diesel is designated only for vehicles and equipment that do not operate on public roads and highways. Dyed diesel can legally be used to power a combine or skid steer, but not the commercial truck that hauls them.

Can you mow with a skid steer? ›

Mowing: You may be surprised to know you can also use a skid steer to mow. With a rotary brush cutter, you can cut down tall grasses and other growth to efficiently clear an area. You may even be able to cut down some smaller trees.

How do you raise a skid steer? ›

Raise the boom: Pull the right joystick back to raise the boom and full bucket to a safe carrying height. You should carry loads close to the ground, yet high enough to clear obstacles. Skid steers can tip over if loads are carried too high.

What is the best skid steer for land clearing? ›

Key Take Aways
Best Low Flow Skid Steer MulcherHSL60 Standard Flow Skid Steer Drum Mulcher By Promac Equipmentcheck price
Best High Flow Skid Steer MulcherHeavy Duty Skid Steer Mulcher HSM by Promac Equipmentcheck price
Best Skid Steer Disc MulcherTDM Twin Disc Skid Steer Mulcher by Promac Equipmentcheck price
Dec 9, 2022

What is the best attachment for clearing land? ›

Tree pullers, land planes and grapples are great attachments for land clearing, while a broom attachment can help you sweep away any remaining debris to finish the job.

What is the best machine for clearing land? ›

Bulldozers. The bulldozer is one of the essential and best Best Equipment for Clearing Land because it is very versatile and is used for many different jobs. Bulldozers are usually equipped with standard blades and a root rake joint for cleaning where trees are felled.

Is 2500 hours a lot for a skid steer? ›

Some experts say the average lifespan of a skid steer is 5,000 hours. Keep in mind that how long your skid steer lasts depends on several different things, including: Whether you purchased the equipment in new or used condition.

Who sells the most skid steers in the US? ›

Skid Steer Brand Market Share and Retained Value

In terms of popularity among the ten brands, Bobcat is the most popular capturing more than 30% of the overall resale channel market share, with Caterpillar and Deere rounding out the top three.

Do skid steers hold their value? ›

You'll also want to consider the maintenance of a used skid steer as those tend to increase as the machine ages. Skid steer can hold their value well, so you should think about if this is a machine you are going to keep around for a while. If it is, consider buying new.

Are Bobcat and Kubota attachments interchangeable? ›

Do Bobcat Attachments Fit Kubota? The couplers for skid steers are universal. This is why you can fit an attachment with any brand of compact equipment, including Kubota, Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar, Gehl, John Deere, and more.

What is standard for skid steer attachments? ›

Skid steer bucket attachments range in size from 56 inches to 98 inches wide, with the most common sizes being between 62 inches and 80 inches wide. We offer a wide range of bucket attachments for skid steer loaders at H.O.

What is universal skid steer mount? ›

Sometimes referred to as a "quick attach" Most skid steers after 2002 come with a universal mounting or quick attach type system. This allows your machine to hook up to any attachment with a universal mounting plate.

Are John Deere attachments interchangeable? ›

Yes! Interchangeable attachments are one of the features that make tractors and skid steers such great investments.

Which is better Kubota or Bobcat? ›

The Kubota can produce 9,535 lbs of bucket digging force but only 4,112 of arm digging force. Likewise, the Bobcat has a greater lift capacity than the Kubota model—4,921 lbs vs. 4,250 lbs—making the Bobcat better equipped to dig out tree stumps or perform other demanding tasks.

When did Bobcat quit using Kubota engines? ›

Bobcat first used Kubota engines before switching to Tier IV Doosan engines in 2015.

Are cat and Bobcat attachments the same? ›

Loader Attachments Comparison

The Bobcat and Cat loaders are a solid match when it comes to attachment capabilities. Both manufacturers offer smart coupling systems that make it easy to switch and swap attachments without leaving the cab.

How big of a truck do I need to pull a skid steer? ›

Skid steer loaders get towed frequently as a way of transportation. Fortunately, many skid steer loaders can be moved using a half-ton or three-quarter-ton truck and appropriate trailer.

What is the max side slope for a skid steer? ›

“This is often limited to 10°, or approximately a 6:1 slope.” Also, keep the heavy end of the machine pointed uphill. “When the bucket is full, that would be the front end, and when the bucket is empty the rear of the machine would be the heaviest end,” notes Dahl.

What is the difference between ISO and H on skid steer? ›

In the ISO pattern, the left joystick controls drive functions, while the right joystick controls lift and tilt functions. In the H-pattern, forward and backward movement of the left joystick controls the loader's left-side drive, while side-to-side movement controls lift.

What ply is a skid steer tire? ›

Bobcat 12 x 16.5 heavy-duty skid steer tires have a 12 ply rating increasing protection against punctures and cracks with extra thick sidewalls when compared to standard skid steer tires, which have a 10 ply rating.

What are skid steer tires filled with? ›

For most skid-steer loaders there are two types of tires to choose from: air-filled tires, or foam-filled tires. While many people like air-filled tires because of the ability to adjust the pressure quickly, and their durability, it's important to weigh all your options before making a decision.

What is John Deere changing its name to? ›

John Deere Landscapes LLC has unveiled its new name and logo as SiteOne Landscape Supply LLC, effective October 19. The new brand represents the next step for SiteOne as an independent company after its acquisition by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice in December 2013.

How many different skid steer attachments are there? ›

12 Types of Skid Steer Attachments. All the types of skid steer attachments tackle different jobs, like earthmoving, excavating, snow plowing and much more. Having more attachments allows you to expand your skid steer loader's versatility and accomplish more with a single machine.

What can a skid steer do that a tractor can? ›

These multipurpose machines offer even greater versatility than tractors, with large-frame skid steers being capable of heavy jobs like excavating, tree clearing, and post hole drilling. The skid steer gets its name from its synchronized wheels, allowing them to navigate easily in tight spaces and on rough terrain.


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