Baby Sleep Sounds: What's Normal and What's Not? (2023)

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Let's put it this way: anyone who claims they "slept like a baby last night" has never slept near a human baby. baby sleep,especially in the newborn monthsIt's nowhere near deep, peaceful, or calm. It is unpredictable, restless and full of unusual noises.

When you're a first-time parent, all that nighttime hustle and bustle is stressful. Should you monitor your baby's breathing every time it slows down or speeds up? You didn't expect to receive oneTONNEsleepy after they were born but you thought you could stay, you know, something like that. Maybe just an hour or two?

If you're worried about every little peep from your baby as they make their way to dreamland, let's stop there. Almost all of these noises are normal and can be completely ignored. Here's how to stay calm while your baby sleeps, or at least stay as peaceful as possible with a newborn at home.

Listening to your baby while they sleep is like downloading a playlist of EMDR sounds. There are gurgles and growls, moans and squeaks. Don't get stressed if you hear your baby make any of the following noises (completely normal). Just turn over and go back to sleep.

normal breathing

In and out, in and out. You know how that sounds! your babyregular breathingThe sounds can be short and sweet, almost like a soft sigh, but that's okay. You might as well catch some dreamy sighs. (Let's wait while you squeal with cuteness.)

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irregular breathing

yes we putirregularBreath sounds in the "normal" category. This is because newborns breathe irregularlyesnormal. Your baby's lungs aren't firing yet (or more specifically, her brain is still figuring out how to communicate with the body's other systems).

As the baby learns to regulate his breathing, there will be brief periods when he has his breathingbreathing accelerated, slowing down or even stopping altogether.

As long as these periods are fairly short (think seconds, not minutes), your baby isn't showing any signs of stress, and his breathing pattern is returning to normal, you can attribute this to your baby's growth and development rather than a cause for concern. .

digestive sounds

We don't need to remind you that your baby eats and poops all day, but that means their digestive system is working 24/7, too. You may hear your stomach growl or gurgle, or you may even burp orto give gasIn your dreams.

breathing sounds

There's actually a wide range of "normals" when it comes to the sounds your baby's respiratory system can make during sleep. You're probably programmed to panic when your baby hisses or hisses, but the truth is that these noises aren't usually a problem while your little one is sleeping.

Babies' airways are narrow, so dry air or even the tiniest bit of mucus can cause wheezing, wheezing, or wheezing while they sleep.saurer Refluxor even the whole glass of milk can clog your throat and also cause irregular breath sounds.

For the same reasons, it is also normal for the baby to cough or sneeze during sleep. Unless they are showing other signs of illness, don't worry.

feeding sounds

Yes, your little vampire baby is always hungry, even when he's asleep and just ate 10 minutes ago. You hear a lot of smacking, blowjobs androotingNoise while your child sleeps. Take this as a sign that they are likely to be waking up soon and want to be fed as soon as possible.

other vocalizations

If that sounds like a lot of noises for your baby to make in their sleep, honestly, that's not even half of it. You drinkcry, moan and wail; they moan and growl; Shehiccupand laugh.

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Blame the gas, the dreams, its insatiable need to always be near you. Whatever the reason, babies rarely settle down during sleep stages.

There's a lot going on in that little body, and it doesn't stop just because your baby is sleeping.

ongoing development

After birth, some of the baby's body systems continue to develop and aren't exactly functioning at their maximum capacity. Most notably, your baby's lungs and stomach are still working on how, well,work. This means that there will be many (harmless) dropouts when it comes to running smoothly.


Believe it or not, your baby breathes mostly through his nose, and those airways are pretty small.Stayand dry or swollen nasal mucous membranes can clog labor and make breathing audible instead of silent.

short sleep cycles

Newborns have short sleep cycles, which means they fall asleep and stay asleep constantly. In fact, it would be strange if youNOhear them make a little noise when they fall asleep and then make noise again when they wake up about an hour later.

REM sleep

Babies have toohigher proportion of REM sleep, which is a light sleep state associated with dreams. Your baby can speak louder when their brain is full of dream activity.

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While some babies always sleep loudly, no matter how old they are, most of these sleep sounds quiet down after the newborn period.

When your baby is between 3 and 6 months old, he will spend more time in deep sleep than in active REM sleep. Your overall sleep cycles will also increase, meaning there will be fewer disruptions to sleep and wakefulness. And all those newborn growing pains that left your lungs working a few kinks have been fixed.

We've told you many things about babies' sleep sounds that are 100% normal, but of course there are some things that aren't.

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Two sounds in particular should prompt you to call your baby's doctor, or even seek emergency care, as soon as possible:

  • Rapid breathing.While it is normal for a baby to have short periods of faster than average breathing, these periods should not:
    • last longer than a few seconds
    • occur persistently (i.e., repeatedly during a short nap)
    • acceleratemore than 60 breaths per minuteif they are younger than one year
  • grunts at the end of each breath.The occasional grunt and whimper is okay, but if your baby doesGrowlafter every single breath, this could be a sign that something is blocking your airway.

Do you want to know how you know your baby is distressed while sleeping when all those strange noises are taken as normal? Here's a tip: Their physical appearance can give you a better idea of ​​their overall health than the sounds they make.

In other words, if your baby has any of the following symptoms (regardless of whether or not they're making strange noises), you should seek emergency medical attention:

  • a bluish tinge to your skin
  • visible muscle contractions in the baby's chest or neck
  • apathy or lethargy
  • Fever
  • Nostril that expands with each breath
  • long pauses where your baby stops breathing (more than 10 seconds)

If you know you can reach your child's doctor quickly, try calling your child's doctor first. But if you're not sure about the response time or if it's after hours, don't leave a message and wait for a call back. Instead, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room or emergency clinic.

Take away food

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There is an alarming number of baby sleep noises that are perfectly normal, even though they sound strange. Babies are still working on their ability to regulate their digestive and respiratory systems, and their sleep cycles are very erratic. This means that your baby's "normal" sleep will usually be quite noisy.

At around 6 months of age, they should settle down. In the meantime, never ignore a baby who is having trouble breathing, looks blue, or is showing other signs of illness such as a fever or lethargy.


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