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Knowing exactly what to feed a 5-week-old puppy can be a little challenging, especially when you're at such a vulnerable age. Caring for 5 week old puppies involves giving them the right food and supplements at the right time to encourage growth and development.

Creating a feeding schedule for a 5-week-old puppy can help ease some of the nervousness and anxiety he may be feeling about his successful growth and development.

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Feeding your 5-week-old puppy the wrong thing could have the potential to stunt his growth, make him sick, or even worse.

When creating a feeding schedule, you need to be realistic and be able to give them a time frame that allows you to take care of them and at the same time take care of other priorities in your life, for example; Husband or wife, children, work, etc.

In this article, I want to help you put together a very effective feeding schedule for your 5-week-old puppy and answer some other common questions about puppies this age, such as: "What do you feed a 5 week old baby?Old dog? and "How much food should a 5-week-old baby eat?"old dog eat“.

Create a feeding schedule

As mentioned above, it's important to create a feeding schedule for your puppy that is realistic and also fits into your existing life plan.

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Well, it's important to note that puppies that are just5 weeks oldthey have a very short food digestion life cycle.

This means that they can go to the toilet two or three times after each meal they are given, and the time between eating and going to the toilet is not very long.

This means that you can potentially clean up the puppies' feces until15 monthsin one day.

Knowing that this can be an independent task, I recommend adding at least 5 minutes to the time allotted for feeding.

Those minutes will come in handy after you've collected and discarded countless hours of the day, depending on your dog's urine or stool.

It is equally important to realize that a puppy that is only 5 weeks old is usually not ready to be weaned from its mother.

Weaning a pup from its mother's milk usually takes place between 6 and 8 weeks, so it's best to let your pup be fed only by its mother, unless there are cases where the mother died, not from being near or neglecting the pups (which can be seen as a form of postpartum depression in dogs).

Situations like this arise when you create afeeding timethey perk up.

Everyone's feeding schedule will be different, the only way yours will match someone else's is if they have the same daily schedules that exclude puppy grooming.

Here is an example feeding schedule I created over 2 1/2 years ago when my dog ​​reached the 5 week mark.

Feeding schedule for 5 week old puppies

6-6h30 M8-8:30 a.m.
11-11h30 M12h-12h30 M.
15:00-15:304pm to 4:30pm
7pm to 7:30pm20:00-20:30
6-6h30 M8-8:30 a.m.
11-11h30 M12h-12h30 M.
15:00-15:304pm to 4:30pm
7pm to 7:30pm20:00-20:30
6-6h30 M9-9h30 M
11-11h30 M13h-13h30 M.
15:00-15:305:00 pm to 5:30 pm
7pm to 7:30pm21:00-21:30
9-9h30 M
13h-13h30 M.
5:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Remember, this 5-week nutrition program was perfect for me and my lifestyle at the time. Use this as a template for creating your own puppy feeding schedule.

Also, as the weeks progress, adjust your schedule accordingly to accommodate your weeks and your pup's eating habits.

What do you feed a 5 week old puppy?

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At the 5-week mark, soaked puppy food is the best choice if your puppy is fully weaned from mother's milk.

Some brands of dog food, such as Hill's, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, offer quality food for all stages of a dog's life. As a dog parent, it's important to know exactly what you're putting into your dog's body.

Here is a list of some ingredients to look out for in your dog's diet.

· Osso

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· More

· wheat gluten

· Meals and cereals

BHA (Butylhydroxyanisole)

· BHT (Butilhidroxitoluol)

· Ethoxyquin

food coloring

PG (Propylene Glycol)

5 week puppy feeding schedule - what you need to know - Smart Puppy Training (4)5 week puppy feeding schedule - what you need to know - Smart Puppy Training (5)

melted fat

You can see the complete listHere.

For puppies that are 5 weeks old, I recommend feeding themHill's Science Small Paws dry dog ​​food(Link to Amazon). We've used this in our home for years.

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Here are some of the top benefits of why this food is so great for puppies.

Precise nutrition to promote growth and a healthy lifestyle

Controlled amounts of calcium support

· Glucosamine and Chondroitin support strong muscles and joint health.

· Blend of antioxidants and vitamins E and C work together to support a healthy immune system.

· Made with high quality natural ingredients, without artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

Made in the USA, it is a complete and balanced diet recommended for puppies up to 1 year of age.

When your pup is new to kibble, only use a mixture of 1/3 food and 2/3 water.

This will be extremely easy on your pup's teeth and will also help him eat heavier meals later in life.

For those considering taking a more homemade approach to feeding their pups, we recommend feeding them cooked chicken breast and plain rice and vegetables like carrots if you can't get your hands on dog food.

Even things like boiled and mashed pumpkin make great gifts.

Avoid onions because they can be toxic to dogs and avoid chicken bones because they can cause severe internal bleeding in dogs.

How much food should a 5 week old puppy eat?

By the age of 5 weeks, your puppy will need to be fed at least three times a day., but it's better to pointabout 4 to 5 times a day. Monitor your eating habits and adjust them accordingly.

It is impractical to measure the exact amount of food you can give your puppy at this stage of life.

Puppies grow faster at this age and their eating habits will change.

Allowing him to eat until he turns away from his food bowl (indicating he's done eating) will give you a rough estimate of when he's full.

If you find that they cannot eat more than three times a day, don't force them to eat more.

A dog will eat until it is full. Unlike much older dogs, who develop a sense of greed and will eat when available, even if they aren't very hungry.

Also, any 5 week old puppy will be very small. Therefore, it is better to feed them in a cake pan rather than a traditional dog bowl, as they may end up in the bowl.

How often do you feed a 5 week old puppy?

Puppies spend most of the day sleeping.

Feeding them after each nap is usually the best course of action.

It's normal for a puppy to sleep between 2 and 3 hours, and that's more than enough time for its little body to digest its food.

If there are signs that you are overfeeding your puppy, you may want to only feed him between meals.doÖthreeNap instead of every nap.

Two very easy signs to identify when your puppy is eating too much is when he starts to eatdiarrhea, vomitingthey are easydon't eat your food.

5 week old dog, diarrhea and vomiting

1. Your dog ate something poisonous.

2. Worms - Younger puppies are very susceptible to worms.

3. Your dog is eating too much.

4. Something in your dog's diet just doesn't suit him.

Your first focus should be getting your dog to the local vet as soon as possible.

They can tell you exactly what the problem is and provide you with the resources you need to eventually cure them of their illness.

If you feed your puppy a fairly bland diet, he usually won't get sick, although not right away.

this can take off2-3 days to a full weekbefore any progress.

Foods like boiled chicken, cooked rice, boiled pasta, and scrambled eggs are often easier for your dog to digest, while also providing necessary nutrients.

5 week old dog without eating

If you discover that your dog is not eating all or part of the food, it is recommended that you contact a veterinarian and report the incident. Your dog not eating could be a symptom of several things.

Stress, bad-tasting food, anxiety, restlessness or nervousness, feeling unwell are reasons why your dog may not be eating his food.


Feeding a 5 week old puppy can present many challenges. At this age, your pup is growing faster, requires a lot of attention, and is likely to get sick with even the slightest change in diet.

Knowing what to feed, how to feed them, and why you feed them a certain way are all things you need to know to properly love and care for your new pup.

I hope this article has been informative and has answered your questions.

Will your new pup be placed in your new?feeding time? Please leave a comment below for any tips or suggestions for other readers.

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