5 Week Puppy Feeding Program: When and What to Feed (2023)

5 Week Puppy Feeding Program: When and What to Feed (1)

Planning for a 5 week old puppy can be difficult.


They are in a crucial phase where their nutritional needs are constantly changing.

And a single decision can affect your growth and development.

So how can you be sure you're feeding them right?

Read to learn:

  • What to feed a 5 week old puppy.
  • How often should they be fed each day?
  • Whether they still need milk at that age or not.
  • What is the right interval for each of your meals?
  • And much more…

How to create a feeding schedule for a 5 week old puppy

You can create a feeding schedule for a 5 week old puppy by considering how often he should be fed. And knowing the right place for each meal. This is to prevent over- or underfeeding. But make sure that the nutrition plan also fits into your daily routine. Then you can continue with it.

How many times a day should I feed my 5 week old puppy?

You should feed your 5 week old pup 4 times a day.vetsWe recommend this to support its abrupt growth and development. But it can also be reduced to three times if you feel that your dog cannot eat as much food.

Do this on a consistent schedule. That means their feeding schedules should be the same every day. And only prepare small meals. Then spread it out throughout the day.

By offering small amounts to your puppy, it will make the food much easier for him to digest. And the distributed meals even give them an energy boost throughout the day.

Use:As the puppies get a week older, their feeding schedules will adjust as well. You can reduce meals to 3 per day.

Is 5 weeks a crucial period for puppies?

At this age, puppies tend to grow quickly, especially the smaller ones. Larger breeds have larger bones that take longer to develop. Therefore, they require more nutrients and calories.

on oneto study, the growth spurt in toy breeds usually stops by 11 weeks of age. For small and medium-sized dogs, it's 14 to 16 weeks. And they are already fully grown at 9 months.

However, the situation is different with giant breeds.

Because they grow more slowly, which can take up to 5 months. They are then due at 15 months.

Some food memories

  • Monitor your pup's food intake to prevent him from over or under eating.
  • Let them eat until they are full.(They automatically turn away from their food when they're done.)
  • Pick up the food plate after they have finished eating. And avoid leaving food out for more than 15 minutes to avoid overeating.
  • Give your pup a shallow food bowl since he is still small. Like a pie or muffin pan if you have a lot of puppies.
  • Make sure you always provide your dog with fresh water. It must be accessible to them at all times. And make cleaning your bowl a daily habit.

How long can 5 week old puppies go between feedings?

5 Week Puppy Feeding Program: When and What to Feed (2)

5 week old puppies can have 5-6 hours between feedings. They're in the phase where they really get big and they're getting hungry fast. Therefore, more than 6 hours is not recommended.

One danger is that puppies do not eat for many hours“Hypoglycemia”.Or low blood sugar. And it can be deadly if you're not careful.

This can happen when a puppy is very active. And there is a long break between meals. So make sure you always feed yours on time.

Experts |They say puppies younger than 3 months are more prone to it. As if they couldn't control their blood sugar levels at their age.

They also note that small breeds and toy breeds are most at risk. Because they have a slower process of breaking down sugars.

In addition to fasting, this can also occur due to:

  • Stomach problems.
  • Gastric and intestinal parasites.
  • low body temperature

So watch out for other symptoms as well, such as:

  • Shake.
  • Lethargy.
  • disorientation.
  • More and more sleepy.

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Create a feeding schedule for your 5 week old puppy

The above information will help you create a feeding schedule for your pup. While there are things you still need to consider, such as:

"What is the ideal time for the first meal?"

Usually 7am works best for dogs. And this is also perfect if your work starts at 8 or 9 am.

"How about Jantar?"

It is ideal for dogs to have their last meal around 5 p.m. This is to allow them to digest their food. And give him enough time to relieve himself before bed.

At 5 weeks, puppies may also begin to relieve themselves. But they're still too young for house training. AsvetsThingscannot hold bladder/bowels well.

related toACV, they can eliminate 10 to 15 minutes after a meal. So make pee pads available nearby.

Also, make sure they are in a secure enclosure. They will start running and exploring more.

Therefore, it is better to have separate but accessible areas for:

  • Sleep.
  • eat/play
  • pee/poop

Do this as an introduction to future home workouts. But remember, you are still young. So it is possible that they urinate or shit on your bed.

Just check your place and clean it regularly. 🙂

Completing the schedule...

So if you feed your pup 4 times a day, the other 2 meals will be between 7am and 5pm.

And they are distributed at intervals of no more than 6 hours.

I also included the ideal bedtime. AsDogs need a lot of rest. So they should have retired early to have less interrupted sleep.

And the final schedule looks like this:

6.30 am.awaken; Clean your area
7 o'clock in the morning1st meal
09h00play with you; Checking and cleaning your area
11hsecond meal
12:30 pmplay with you; Checking and cleaning your area
14:00third meal
3:30 p.mplay with you; Checking and cleaning your area
17:004th meal
19:00play with you; Checking and cleaning your area
21:00Bedtime (lights off, no stimulation)

But if you notice your pup doing well at 3 feeding times:

6.30 am.awaken; Clean your area
7 o'clock in the morning1st meal
10:00 a.mplay with you; Checking and cleaning your area
12h00second meal
15:00play with you; Checking and cleaning your area
17:00third meal
19:00play with you; Checking and cleaning your area
21:00Bedtime (lights off, no stimulation)

Use:This is just a hint. So don't hesitate to optimize it. a little. Because it's also important that your schedule works for you too.

What do you feed a 5 week old puppy (without a mother)?

You can feed a 5 week old puppy (without the mother) solid puppy food. But first soak the croquettes in warm water or milk replacer. And do this for a few minutes to soften the food.

In addition to using water, you can also add some canned dog food.

Then, as they grow for a week, it slowly thickens to the consistency of their food. For a smooth transition to dry food and other types of food.

Experts |Saying that puppy weaning usually starts at 3 or 4 weeks of age.

This is because your teeth start growing at this age. And that will make their mothers uncomfortable.

Therefore, most mothers refuse to breastfeed their children at 5 weeks or less.

So you don't have to worry too much. At this stage, introduce them to dry puppy food as usual.

However, as I said before, this will be a crucial step in your growth. So make sure you feed them a fully balanced meal.

What specific food should I feed my 5 week old puppy?

5 Week Puppy Feeding Program: When and What to Feed (3)

It is better to feed them high-quality commercial feed. This comes in dry or canned food.

However, only select those who:

  • Specially developed for dogs.
  • Suitable for your age and size.
  • Labeled as “complete and balanced nutrition”.
  • Certified by the American Association of Food Control Officials or AAFCO.

A true "complete and balanced" puppy food contains all the nutrients they need. And in the right amounts too, like:

  • Slices
  • DHA.
  • Protein.
  • Football.
  • Carbohydrates.

But it's hard to know if a product is "complete" or not. Therefore, to be on the safe side, consult your veterinarian. Or check out the certification mentioned above to help you decide.

Also, your puppy should not be given adult dog food. As well as generics that do not indicate whether they are intended for small or large breeds.

"Why this?"

This is because puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. And the same goes for small, medium, large and giant breeds.

specialistsespecially warns parents of large breed dogs. Because they're more likely to do itBone or joint problems. Such as hip dysplasia and osteochondrosis.

These problems are mostly genetic. Therefore, they cannot avoid it during their lifetime.

However, vets say you can delay them.


Just avoid these 3 things:

overload:Limit your calories. Feed them proper, high-quality puppy food.

excess calcium:Excess calcium causes abnormal bone and joint growth.

Unbalanced diet:Like home cooked meals. Experts say wait up to 1 year (for small to large dogs). Or 18 months (for giant breeds) before switching to this diet.

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How Much Food Should You Feed Your 5 Week Old Puppy?

This depends on your weight. Therefore, the amount of food a small dog needs may be less than what a large breed needs.

Dog food also often has instructions on the packaging. And it can be used as a reference.

The listed value can only be the "starting point". So give them the minimum portion to begin with.

Divide the recommended amount by 4 to spread small meals evenly throughout the day.

Use:If your pup seems hungry all the time, gradually add more. And see if your appetite changes. Stop adding more when food intake returns to normal.

In some cases, other puppies may also have difficulty eating soft foods. Since they were only used to drinking milk.


How do you get a 5 week old puppy to eat?

You can feed a 5 week old pup by crushing the squishy kibble. And make porridge out of it to make it easier to chew.


  1. Pour into a shallow pan.
  2. Dip a fingertip in the food.
  3. Then place a small amount on your pup's nose. Then they sniff and finally lick the food.
  4. Do the same again. But try to put your soaked finger near his mouth.
  5. Wait for them to call.
  6. Repeat step 4. But move your finger a little further away from the puppy's mouth.
  7. Then tap your bowl with your soaked finger. To bring his puppy to him.

Avoid using force and be as polite as possible. And after many repetitions, your puppy will get used to the taste of his new food.

Use:Be more patient, especially when it comes to cleaning. How can you expect your pup to make a mess while eating?

Can I give treats to my 5 week old puppy?

It is not recommended to offer commercial treats to your 5 week old pup. Just like any human or table food.

Even though they have their secret weapon aka'Puppy eyes.'Ylook at you while you eat.

This is because puppies are prone to diarrhea and stomach upset. And ingestion can lead to stomach problems.

But wait...

If you want to give them some treats, make them healthy. For example apple or carrot pieces.

These are safe for dogs and also low in calories. In addition, they are rich in vitamins.

"dog diarrhea"

I said puppies are more prone to stomach problems. And what does it have to do with it?


Seeing your pup with loose stools is quite alarming. And the most common causes are:

  • food intolerance.
  • A sudden change in diet.

At 5 weeks of age, puppies' stomachs are more sensitive. So changing his pup's food can result in watery poop.

but accAKC, Dog diarrhea is not usually serious. And mild cases can be solved by drinking plenty of fresh water.

Note:When your puppy has diarrhea for hours. And they are showing other signs as well, take them to a vet immediately.

Regarding stomach problems, you might also ask…

"Can I give probiotics to a 5 week old puppy?"

5 Week Puppy Feeding Program: When and What to Feed (4)

PetMDSays you can give probiotics to dogs.

But just like your food, buy ones made for dogs too. And discuss this with your veterinarian to avoid side effects.

This is because human probiotics are not effective in dogs. For the simple reason that they are made especially for us.

What are you doing?

You have good bacteria. And these help with better digestion. As well as keeping the immune system healthy.

How to avoid them:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Called.
  • Infections of the digestive tract.

Liketo studyfound these to help treat diarrhea in dogs.

Because Fidos was administered with probiotics, it healed in 3 days. While those not taking anything had diarrhea for up to 8 days.

Additionally, no cases of dehydration have been reported in dogs taking probiotics.

Where do you get that?

Probiotics for dogs come in a variety of forms. Let's say chewable tablets, pills or powder.

Other dog foods also contain probiotics in their products.

And puppies can get this from some human foods, too. But only the unsweetened ones. Like natural yoghurt and kefir.

Does a 5 week old puppy still need milk?

Ideally, a 5 week old puppy will no longer need a lot of milk. As it will not be sufficient for your current dietary needs.

This is consistent withNational Research Council. So puppies of this age need another source. For example, food for puppies to get all the nutrients they need.

"But my puppy still won't eat soft food.

What should I do?"

If your puppy doesn't seem to be fully weaned yet...

You can give them a milk replacer first. Then gradually introduce solid puppy food again. And do it after 2 or more days.

"Wait, what's a milk substitute?"

Dogs must not be fed any other milk. In addition to your mother's or store-bought milk substitutes.

Goat, cow, and infant formula can cause severe stomach upset in a puppy.

So when your pup's mom isn't around. Or they refuse to breastfeed their pup, a milk substitute will do.

Because it has just the right amount of:

  • Football.
  • fatty acids.
  • Amino acids.

And this will help a growing puppy. Especially in brain and eye development. Aside from keeping them away from stomach issues.

Use:But before I give it to himACVIt means heat the milk replacer first. At 35°C to 37.8°C (95°F to 100°F). And test the mixture on your skin to make sure it's cool enough.

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